Picture of the wastewater treatment plant in an essential oils and fragrances industry located in th

Treatment of wastewater from the Oils industry

Aceites Especiales del Mediterráneo S.A. (AEMEDSA) is a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of white mineral oils and natural sulfonates.

Case study, 24/11/2021

Picture of the wastewater treatment plant from the food processing industry where SIGMA's FBR biolog

Biological wastewater treatment FBR in the food processing industry

At the facilities of Tostaderos Sol de Alba S.A. where the production of fried corn is carried out, there is a pre-treatment of the wastewater that is

Case study, 23/11/2021

Photo wastewater treatment plant in a malt processing industry, whose water treatment plant uses an

Biological wastewater treatment FBR in malt processing industry

Cargill is a world leader in the production of food, agricultural products and services. Within the food sector, malt processing is one of its specialties. The

Case study, 22/11/2021

Photo of a DAF clarification system model FPAC 160/200 as part of an FBR process in the treatment

Installation of a DAF clarifier as part of a FBR process for treatment of wastewater form the meat industry

Cárnicas Medina is a leading company in the meat sector. Its facilities in Valencia have a wastewater treatment plant through biological treatment and require

Case study, 17/11/2021

Picture of the wastewater treatment plant at Beiersdorf Manufacturing Tres Cantos S.L.

Reuse of wastewater from the cosmetic industry: full treatment process applying CAF, DAF and MBR

Wastewater from the cosmetic industry is characterized by a high content in suspended solids, COD, oils and fats.

Case study, 15/11/2021

Photo of the technological equipment in the industrial wastewater treatment plant designed and insta

Wastewater treatment from the Oil & Gas Industry. Case Study UPT Ibiza.

The Thermal Power Plant UPT of Ibiza is a conventional cycle thermoelectric installation. It has 13 thermal groups with a total power of 270 MW: six motors,

Case study, 13/11/2021

Photograph of an upflow sludge blanket filter biological reactor designed by SIGMA for wastewater tr

Wastewater treatment and reuse from the Textile Industry: biological tratment, DAF Technology and tertiary treatment. Case COLORTEX.

There is a growing need for water reuse, which involves the removal of these contaminants through the use of high performance technology.

Case study, 11/11/2021

Photograph of an upflow sludge blanket filter biological reactor designed by SIGMA for wastewater tr

Wastewater treatment and reuse from the Textile Industry: DAF technology. Case of ACAPERSA

Design and installation of a wastewater treatment plant to obtain very high quality water for reuse in the process.

Case study, 08/11/2021

Photo of the reactor in the wastewater treatment plant of the ice cream company: HELADOS ESTIU S.A.

Biological wastewater treatment FBR in the dairy industry

Helados ESTIU S.A. is a leader in the sector for the production of different types of ice cream. Its wastewater at the Ribarroja facilities contains a VERY

Case study, 05/11/2021

DAF-FPAC100 equipment manufactured by SIGMADAF and installed at the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) i

Promarina PTO Caimito (Panama)

As part of the company commitment with the environment PROMARINA built an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with coarse and fine screening in perforated trommels

Case study, 29/10/2021

Photo of a DAF-FPHF manufactured by SIGMA for water deanilization at the Sharjah Electricity and Wat

TRSA Hamriyah

TRSA was contracted the balance of plant EPC to build a CCGT Power Generation Plant 1800 MW.

Case study, 29/10/2021

Two DAF FHPFs manufactured by SIGMA for Roquette Lestrem to be installed in a biological water treat

Roquette Planta LESTERM (Francia)

SIGMADAF was contracted by ROQUETE LESTREM to supply two FPHF-750 DAF units to clarify the effluent from the biological treatment to remove TSS and

Case study, 27/10/2021

Panoramic photo of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant of the food company El Pozo, located in

Veolia EDARI El Pozo (Murcia)

VEOLIA Water Technologies was contracted by EL POZO Alimentación for the upgrading of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at the Alhama-Murcia meat processing

Case study, 26/10/2021

SIGMADAF flotation process equipment for the clarification of raw water and thickening of the sludge

Befesa WTP Reus

ABENGOA was contracted to design-build the expansion and upgrading of the WTP REUS with a capacity of 30 ML/d (250,000 PE). The WTP has two clarification

Case study, 26/10/2021

Two DAF FHPF installed by SIGMA in a DWTP in Portugal, as part of the pre-treatment of water, to rem

Efacec Povoa WTP (Portugal)

EFACEC was contracted to design-supply and construct the complete plant process equipment and trusted in SIGMADAF to supply the DAF units. 

Case study, 25/10/2021