Autonomous and compact plant for biological treatment with membranes.

Compact and autonomous MBR system, which can both integrate hollow fibre submerged membranes as well as flat membranes.

SIGMA: Reactor biológico MBR

Why an advanced membrane reactor?

The decision to select a membrane bioreactor process, or MBR system to the detriment of other conventional systems is based on the advantages it presents:

  • System effluent quality
  • Compact plant
  • Simple treatment
  • Constant quality
  • Resistance to oxidizing agents
  • Ease of operation

Process management is simple and inexpensive. No sedimentation occurs in the biological tank.

The operator only has to control the operation of the permeate and recirculation pump and the working pressures.

The working parameters are controlled by a PLC that has the possibility of making remote connections via MODEM.

  • Stability and flexibility
  • Modularity
  • Standardization


The system can be installed in ISO containers facilitating transport, assembly and, eventually, subsequent extensions.

  • Quick Install
  • Low space requirement
  • Does not emit odours or attract carriers such as insects
  • High loading volumes
  • Disinfection without UV and chemicals
  • Effluent suitable for agricultural use or as grey water
  • Fully automated process
  • Modular expansion possible
SIGMA: Instalación SMBR


Units for mining camps, military and humanitarian missions, remote actions, hotels, recreational centres, hospitals, etc ...


Capacity: 200 - 500 inhabitants
Weight: less than 1.2 ton
Transportable by helicopter

Información técnica

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