Upgrading and expansion of urban wastewater treatment plants

  • Year: 2023
  • Project location: WWTP Vilafranca del Penedés and Garraf (Barcelona)
  • Objectives: Expansion and improvement of the municipal WWTP.
  • Installed equipment: 1 SIGMADAF FPAC60 compact equipment + 1 contact coil for neutralization PFL060
  • Capacity: 60 m3/h

Characteristics of the effluents to be treated

The discharges to be treated are defined by the following parameters:


Significant variations in TSS content are observed, which should be taken into account in the design of the installation.

Description of supply

The company GS INIMA, dedicated to the engineering and supply of water treatment facilities, acquired from SIGMADAF clarifiers the supply of a flotation equipment and a contact coil for neutralization for the project of improvement and expansion of the wastewater treatment of the WWTP of Vilafranca del Penedés and El Garraf (Barcelona).

The scope of supply includes: A SIGMADAF FAPC60 compact assembly, consisting of metal body, float scraper system, recirculation pumping assembly with pressurized air injection manifold. An electro-pneumatic panel for power and control is provided. Engineering documentation and installation manuals are provided.

The expected performance of the equipment supplied corresponds to the following values in the treated effluent

  • TSS reduction: 90 - 95%
  • Extracted sludge concentration: ≥ 3.5%.

The flexibility of the equipment for the design Cm (24 Kg/m2/h) corresponds to the following table

TSS (mg/l)Design flow rate (m3/h)

Basic equipment characteristics

  • Equipment: SIGMADAF FPAC60 compact
  • Materials: AISI 304                               
  • Dimensions: 9,000 x 2,400 x 2,300 mm (L x W x H)               
  • Design flow rate: 60 m3/h
  • Free area: 14m2
  • Hydraulic load: 4,28 m3/m2/h
  • Mass load: 21.42 kg/m2/h
  • Air consumption: 60 Nl/min.
  • Power consumption: 11 kW
  • Surface sweeping system with scrapers with 0.55 kW motor.
  • Pressurization and recirculation pumping with 11 kW engine
  • Pumping sedimented sludge extraction with 0.75 kW motor
  • Flocculating coil PFL 60 in HDPR and AISI 304 structure

It includes control and power panel with starters and magneto-thermal protections, supervision of assembly and commissioning of the equipment. 

Description of equipment

The dissolved air flotation (DAF) technique allows the separation of suspended solids, oils and fats, thanks to the recirculation of part of the treated wastewater, to which pressurized air is injected and then depressurized in the liquid, thus creating a stream of micro air bubbles (30 - 50 µm) that adhere to the particles, causing them to rise as they lose apparent density.

The DAF FPAC is ideal for working with small and medium flows, containing high pollutant loads (up to 40 kg of MS/m2). They are also the most suitable model for sludge thickening. They have a large free surface to accumulate the floated sludge.

SIGMADAF technology is used to separate oils, greases, suspended solids and flocculated matter, which do not have sufficient flotation capacity or when oil-solids emulsions (with high density) require air flotation to improve the separation process.

The FPAC model includes a single motion separator that rotates against the hydraulic current helping to minimize the distance the floated sludge travels and eliminating solids carryover in the effluent. This solution creates a sludge with a dry solids content 3 to 4 times higher than a conventional system. This results in a simplification of possible further treatments, such as dewatering or drying, which reduces operating costs. In this installation, the settled sludge is conveyed by a pumping unit.

Main features of DAF FPAC equipment

  • Compact and customizable system
  • Treatment of high loads of TSS and other pollutants
  • Efficient laminar regime
  • Low maintenance and easy operation

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