Wastewater treatment in the beer industry

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SIGMA installs a biological treatment plus a DAF clarifier with lamellas conforming a SIGMA FBR SYSTEM for the treatment of the Beer Industry wastewater. The system applies an aeration tank and a DAF as clarification method, removing suspended solids and organic content measured as COD. Applying a DAF as a clarifier allows to biomass concentration in the reactor up to 5300mg/L MLSS, optimizing the process.

  • The FBR process (‘flotation bio-reactor’) consists of an anoxic-aerobic reactor with prolonged aeration of activated sludge where biological treatment is carried out in the presence of oxygen. This biological process consists of the elimination of organic matter through biological reactions with biomass. Microbial flocs are generated by adsorption and agglomeration. These biomass flocs are separated by flocculation and secondary clarification by DAF flotation.
  • The flocculation is carried out in a special equipment in which polyelectrolyte is introduced to flocculate the generated biomass agglomerates.
  • The secondary clarification with dissolved air flotation DAF allows the separation of the flocs formed, with dissolved air micro-bubbles. The biomass flocs are separated by flotation with air micro-bubbles.
  • The flotation clarification equipment designed by SIGMA are special equipment that present greater reliability against spongy sludge with low sedimentation rate, such as those typically generated in the treatment of industrial wastewater. No specialized operators required

Advantages of Sigmadaf clarifiers:

  • Removal of total suspended solids, oils and fats, COD and BOD5
  • Reduces the following biological treatment dimensions and enhances its operating conditions
  • Compact system in steel AISI304 or AISI316
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Quick start-up
  • No specialized operators required

Main goals of the treatment:

  • Treated flowrate: 100 m3/h
  • TSS removal
  • COD removal.
TSS inTSS outTSS removal efficiencyCOD outQuality of the treated water

4635 mg/L 

29 mg/L 


67 mg/L 

Transparent and totally free of particles 


Jar-Test for chemical dosing always performed prior to the system design.

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