Tertiary treatment for waster reutilisation in malt processing industries

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Year 2019

Project location wastewater treatment plant of BOORTMALT S.A. facilities in Ica, Perú.

Objectives BOORTMALT has waste treatment facilities. These facilities function properly and it is required that the treated water reaches sufficient discharge values for its reuse. SIGMA designs and installs a treatment for the reuse of water.

Installed technologies A biological treatment MBR with submerged ultrafiltration; an activated carbon filtration system TURBIDEX-ANTHRACITE; a reverse osmosis system.

Capacity 600 m3/day.


BOORTMALT is the world’s leading malt processing company, with a production capacity of 3 million tons per year.

Thanks to the installation of the SIGMA tertiary treatment, the following objectives are met to reuse the treated water in the industrial processes:

  • Availability of water for reuse that meets the requirements requested.
  • Optimization of operation and operating costs of the existing water treatment plant.
  • The installation has a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Ability to adapt to future installation and production conditions.
                                       Wastewater characteristics



895 mg/L 

202 NTU 

9.2 mg/L 

230 mg/L 


                                                              Treatment performance

COD removal 

Turbidity removal

Nitrate removal 

Sulphate removal





Process diagram 

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