Veolia EDARI El Pozo (Murcia)

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VEOLIA Water Technologies was contracted by EL POZO Alimentación for the upgrading of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at the Alhama-Murcia meat processing factory. The upgrading incorporated a DAF flotation step in the primary treatment replacing the existing sedimentation step. The ETP has a capacity of 6 ML/d with 42 tn COD/d (350.000 PE). The treatment plant also includes a biological treatment step base don actívate sludge process with nitrogen and phosphorus removal and anaerobic digestión of the sludge generated in the primary and biological steps.

With the purpose of improving the sludge digestion and increase the biogas generation, EL POZO decided to replace the gravity sedimentaion by the DAF flotation in the primary clarification, proving to be a more efficient treatment for this type of wastewater with higher solids separation and sludge with higher organic matter for the anaerobic digestion process.

 Year construction 


 Nº of units 


DAF model 




 Pack lamelar 


 Unitary day flow 

 175 m3/h

 TSS in / out 

4000 / 400 ppm

 O&G in / out 

760 / 76 ppm


4 - 5% conc.


Photo of the water treatment tanks at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of the El Pozo meat processing plant in Murcia.


SIGMADAF designed and supplied all the equipment for two units FPAC200 CW working as primary clarifiers for the effluent of a slaugther and meat procesing factory, to be installed in existing concrete tanks, including: surface chain scrapper (2 Ud.) in AISI316L with chain in HDPE for a flotation tank of W 2.8 x L 8.5 m, recirculation pups (2+1S) for 180 m3/h (50% recirc. flow rate), air compressors (1+1S), air saturators (2) with 6 Ml capacity vessels, aeration system (2) with 18 ud nozzles in AISI316L, pipes (AISI316L), valves and accessories, instrumentation, control panel, spare parts for 2 years, documentation and manuals. 

Detail photo of the scraper blades of the DAF-FPAC200 installed by SIGMADAF in the WWTPI of the El Pozo meat company in Murcia.

Delivery of equipment was accomplished in 12 weeks after approval of documentation for fabrication. 

FPAC Equipment Features 

The FPAC is an equipment especially effective for high water flow rates and high suspended solids content with fat and grease. SIGMADAF has a wide long experience with this type of flotation units in the slaugher house and meat processing factories, with more than 40 references. 

The use of micro-bubble flotation technology (30 to 50-micron range) increases the flotation efficiency, as smaller bubbles easily adhere to equal-sized or larger particles, boosting the overall effectiveness of the system. The SIGMADAF air aerator generates the required amount of air to be injected in small size bubbles in quantity and well distributed in the tank inlet contact chamber, where feed water mixes with the aerated recirculation flow. The mixture flows into the clarification-flotation section where suspended solids float due to the buoyance air effect and a surface sludge layer is formed. 

Photo of the DAF-FPAC 200 installed by SIGMADAF at the WWTPI of the El Pozo meat company showing the elimination of organic matter.

Skimer with a single movement separator, which rotates against the hydraulic flow of the water, helps to minimise the distance of the floated sludge and eliminating solids carry-over. Floated sludge is extracted into a collection hoper with a high DS content of 4 – 5% conc what benefits the anaerobic digestion process.

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