Waste valorization plant

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A waste processing and recovery plant required a solution to prevent excessive entry of suspended solids into its biological treatment.

ApplicationWaste recovery plant
DescriptionPhysical-Chemical treatment


Flow5-10 m3/h
  • SST in average 2000 mg/L
  • SST in maximum 4000 mg/L
  • SST out 150 mg/L

SIGMADAF Clarifiers designed, manufactured, and supplied a DAF-FPAC10 to install as a pre-treatment for the wastewater from a waste recovery plant. The function of this flotation equipment is to eliminate the total suspended solids, performing as a physical-chemical treatment for the conditioning of these waters that are subsequently derived to biological treatment.

The function of our flotation equipment is to separate the maximum of total suspended solids from these waters so that the biological reactor can always work in the best conditions.

The flow rates received by this DAF-FPAC10 are about 5-10 m3/h and the TSS loads to be treated are 2000 mg/L, and can reach peaks of 4000mg/L. With this process, it is possible to eliminate more than 90% of the solids in suspension. As proof of this, some photos are attached with the Jar-Test tests where you can visually verify the effectiveness of this pre-treatment.

Photo of Jar Test in wastewater treatment at a waste processing and recovery plant, where a SIGMADAF FPAC DAF was installed.

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