Top wastewater publications of 2021

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The year 2021 continues to be a year of adaptation to change, evolution towards constant developments led by a pandemic that has affected all sectors.

Despite everything, we continue growing, strengthening our brand and reaping the fruits of this great project that has become SIGMA GROUP, as well as seeing new opportunities to contribute to all those industrial companies that need to improve their wastewater treatment.

In summary, 2021 has been defined by growth, evolution, learning, but especially new projects, alliances, development and consolidation of markets, solutions and projects.

This year we have created a Technological Blog to demonstrate the specialized knowledge of our team of specialists and technicians in wastewater, in which we explain in detail the applications of our different solutions for wastewater treatment in the projects that we materialize thanks to the trust of our clients.

In addition, we have incorporated a Case Studies section that shows the conjunction of our technology, the resolution of our clients' needs with our solutions and the successful results of their applications.

To remind a bit of the last 12 months we want to share the best publications. They are here because, according to the statistics of the website, they have been the most visited, read and shared.

Top publication about wastewater

1. Dissolved air flotation systems (DAF) for wastewater treatment

This is one of the essential publications of our blog, it is not surprising that it is in the first position as the most read during 2021, since it explains all the necessary information about our systems by dissolved air flotation or DAF for wastewater treatment.

It is worth giving a review to discover how this equipment works, which are its advantages and the different types of DAF systems that respond to the different needs of industrial companies, depending on the type of water flow to be treated.

As an added value, it contains a video that shows the operation of DAFs, visually a very useful resource to show how wastewater is clarified.

2. Desalination: DAF for seawater treatment

Seawater image. DAF for seawater desalination. SIGMADAF Technology Blog. | SIGMADAF Clarifiers

Another important milestone during the past year was the publication of the Technological Blog on our website, which we launched with this first publication, in which our team of researchers developed an extensive study to explain how DAF systems work in seawater treatment.

This is a technical publication that describes the challenges and the most applied technologies for the use of seawater and its treatment by desalination, in which DAF technology stands out because it constitutes a high-speed and efficient separation process for oils, fats and suspended solids such as algae, their proliferation being one of the main problems in the treatment of this type of water.

3. Treatment of wastewater from the tanning industry: Sigma DAF technologies application  

Picture of several samples of processed and treated animal skins on a workbench.

In the third position of the most visited publications on our website is "Treatment of wastewater from the tanning industry applying SIGMADAF technology", it is part of the new content developed by our technicians and researchers for the Technological Blog.

It explains in detail the effective wastewater treatments for industrial companies that tan animal hides, especially about the combined application of coagulation-flocculation and DAF flotation: Technology that we offer from SIGMA.

4. Application of CAF, DAF, MBR and Reverse Osmosis processes in the treatment and reutilization of wastewater in the cosmetic industry

Containers of oils and cosmetic products in a production line where industrial wastewater is to be reused.

Wastewater treatments in the cosmetic industry have traditionally been based on physical-chemical processes, but due to the tightening of discharge limits and the growing need for water reuse, it is necessary to apply more intensive and effective treatment processes with employment of advanced technologies, that allow to fulfil the requirements of quality of reuse.

At SIGMA we propose the combination of several treatment processes for subsequent reuse.

5. Industrial wastewater treatment applying high efficiency biological process FBR

Photo of a biological reactor installed by SIGMA for industrial wastewater treatment using a high efficiency biological system FBR.

Another of the technical publications of the Technological Blog that obtained the most visits during 2021, was related to another of our solutions for the treatment of wastewater, of the biological type: the FBR or flotation bioreactor is a biological wastewater treatment system that allows the removal of contaminants continuously and compactly.

In the content, we list the advantages of this system, and we also share 6 case studies in the malt, dairy, food, and meat processing industries.

So far, the summary of the year 2021, with the 5 most visited publications. This year 2022, we will continue to share content. We invite you to be attentive to our social networks Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube or subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with all our news.