Top 5 of our best posts about wastewater of 2020

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This year 2020 has been one of many changes, adaptation, and uncertainty, but above all learning, reflection, and evolution.

As a company, we have grown and strengthened our brand. What we consider during 2019 has taken and continues to bear fruit.

An interesting exercise to close this year has been to discover what the content shared on the blog has been that has had a good reception and impact during 2020.

Publications that reflect our know-how and experience in the industrial wastewater sector, as well as the capacities of our team of specialists and technicians, the projects we undertake, and the challenges our clients pose to us, in a market that is expanding internationally constantly and in which confidence grows about what we do.

These are the Top 5 of our best wastewater blog posts in 2020, they represent the content that has generated the most interest because it is the most read, commented on, and shared on social media.

Top 5 publications on wastewater

Sewage treatment plant to remove pigments

Installation of a DAF-PFBC50 in a pigment industry to treat waste water from leather dyeing for textile finishing

Among the various projects we carried out in 2020, we started up a wastewater treatment plant in a company that specializes in the production of pigments, dyes, and paints for the textile industry.

It was a complex project since it involved the removal of heavy metals present in the water, specifically ammonium.

The treatment of this wastewater consists of the elimination of ammonia by stripping, followed by a DAF-FPBC system after adding lime, coagulant, and flocculant.

This process allows the significant reduction of heavy metals and fluorides present in the treated water, allowing the subsequent discharge into the sea with a full guarantee.

You can discover more details of the Wastewater Treatment Plant to eliminate pigments in the previous link.

You will be able to see photos and videos about the performance of the installed DAF equipment.

DAF- FPBH for seawater pre-treatment in Saudi Arabia

Panoramic view of the water treatment plant in Saudi Arabia

During 2020 we have also developed an important project for the desalination of a power plant in Saudi Arabia.

In this case, two DAF-FPBH350 units were installed to act as seawater pre-treatment in the desalination plant for the power plant operating process, in order to remove more than 90% and 98% of oils and fats, and algae respectively.

The most interesting thing about this publication is the explanation with photos of the manufacture of the equipment step by step. In addition, it contains a video in which we show the operation of the scraper blades of one of the DAFs.

To see this publication, click here: Manufacture of 2 DAFs for a desalination plant at Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.

SIGMADAF - Clearwater

Alliance of Clearwater Industries INC. and SIGMADAF Clarifiers to create a joint venture that will allow SIGMADAF to enter the American market.

It is a great pleasure to know that among the highlights of our blog for 2020 is the publication on SIGMADAF-Clearwater, the joint venture that we have created with Clearwater Industries, INC., An American company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction of water clarifiers and other solutions.

An alliance that will allow us, with Clearwater's extensive experience, to enter the American market with our DAF equipment.

All details in Sigmadaf Clarifiers & Clearwater Industries form a joint venture Sigmadaf-Clearwater.

DAF FPAC Portugal

Installation of a DAF-FPAC 10 in a wastewater treatment plant at Ambiágua, a Portuguese company dedicated to water treatment and distribution.

The publication DAF Water Treatment Equipment for Ambiágua (Portugal) was one of the first contents shared on the blog in the YEAR 2019. We find it remarkably interesting that it remains in the ranking of our most visited publications this year.

It deals with the installation of a DAF-FPAC10 in the Ambiágua wastewater treatment plant, a Portuguese company dedicated to collecting and treating industrial wastewater and distributing drinking water.

Ice cream factory success story

Clarified water after wastewater treatment from an ice cream manufacturer, where SIGMADAF installed a DAF-FPAC120

Another of the most read publications on the blog is one of our success stories in the treatment of wastewater from the manufacture of ice cream, which contains dairy and fruit residues, with high concentrations of fats and proteins.

The company in question required a solution for the treatment of wastewater as a product of the manufacture of ice cream, to comply with the limits of discharge to the sewer network.

On this occasion, two flotation units were supplied: an ACAF100 to reduce oils, fats, and organic matter in suspension, and a DAF-FPAC120 to act as part of a biological type FBR treatment system, clarifying the water from the previous biological reactor to this one for its later discharge to the sewer.

You can read it by clicking here: Wastewater treatment in an ice cream factory.

Congelados Navarra and its discharge of industrial wastewater

View of SIGMADAF's BIODAF equipment in the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant of Congelados Navarra

The environmental challenges in the matter of wastewater for our clients are also our challenges and that is how we have assumed them with Congelados Navarra.

The frozen food company needed to securely comply with the demands of the Valencian public administration, in terms of wastewater discharges because of its industrial activity. In addition, related to energy consumption, the generation of sludge, and the reduction of environmental impact.

This publication describes in detail the characteristics of the water to be treated, the solution that we designed especially for the needs of this company, and information on the performance of the equipment supplied.

So far, the top 5 of our blog posts. For next year we will continue to share content about our experiences, solutions, success stories, and more.

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