DAF water treatment equipment for Ambiágua (Portugal)

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SIGMADAF Clarifiers technicians travelled to Portugal last June 2019 for technical assistance and commissioning of a DAF-FPAC10 water treatment equipment in Ambiágua, as part of the treatment of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

The Portuguese-based Ambiágua company is engaged in the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water, and wastewater treatment.

Because the waters treated by Ambiágua are - for the most part - of industrial origin, the client chose to include a dissolved air flotation equipment, to obtain an excellent solid-liquid separation as a pre-treatment, for subsequent purification by Biological reactor and lamellar decanters.

In SIGMADAF, we offer customised DAF systems, according to the needs of our customers. We are experts adapting our equipment to various sectors.


Equipo de tratamiento de agua DAF FPAC10

The DAF-FPAC10 dissolved air flotation system installed in Ambiágua is ideal for the type of water to be treated: wastewater with a large number of suspended solids and low flow.

The DAF-FAPC10 is a water clarification system with a large surface flotation and cross-flow separation.

It is made of stainless steel 304 with dimensions of 3000x1650x1500 and a free surface area of ​​2.3 m².

This versatile equipment can be used in different applications: in biological flotation reactors (FBR), sludge thickeners, rendering, as well as in the meat industry (slaughterhouse), food, mining, petrochemical and paper industries, among others.

More information and technical details of this equipment for water clarification in the following technical sheet.

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