SIGMA introduces its new wastewater laboratory

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In August 2020, SIGMA Group moved to their new facilities in Pont-Xetmar Industrial Park in Cornellà de Terri, in Girona, where also created SIGMA LAB, a new wastewater laboratory.

Label at the entrance door of the Industrial Wastewater Laboratory of SIGMADAF Clarifiers, in Pont Xetmar, Girona.

SIGMA LAB is its own laboratory where wastewater samples are received to carry out various types of tests and analytics. The results obtained are used as a basis for elaborating the design and engineering of the projects.

These new facilities have been developed in order to expand and improve the services of the SIGMA group.

Photo of the work table in the SIGMA Water Laboratory, where tests and analyses are carried out: Jar Test, water traceability, among others.

Some of the tests and analytics that can be performed in the laboratory are:

  • Jar – Test with all kind of coagulants, flocculants and pH control reactives.
  • Assessment of treatability of the water with physical-chemical processes to elaborate new projects of development and building of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Optimization and correction of reactive dosing in treatment plants currently working.
  • Sludge state control of biological reactors applying V30 methodology.
  • Floatability assessment.
  • Analysis of basic wastewater parameters: COD, pH, turbidity, total nitrogen, nitrate, ammonium, total phosphorus, phosphate…
  • Treatability assessment with Activated Carbon.
  • Treatability assessment with Ultrafiltration membranes.

If you want us to perform any type of test on your wastewater or if you want more information about the service, do not hesitate to contact us by email info@aguasigma.com or by calling us at +34 972 223 481.