Supply of a DAF-FBC50 for the treatment of metalmechanical wastewater in Valencia

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SIGMADAF has supplied a DAF-FPBC50 equipment to treat the processed waters of a processing and galvanizing plant in the province of Valencia.

The main activity of a galvanic plant is the deposition of metals by electricity (electrodeposition), involving a chemical process in an aqueous solution.

This plant in Valencia produces hot-dip galvanized sheet steel parts, mainly intended for the automotive sector.

In the process of treating metal parts, effluents are generated with a high load of pollutants and particularly oils and heavy metals.

In this case, dissolved air flotation technology (DAF-FPBC50) is recommended as an effective treatment to remove emulsified mineral oils and fats from the wastewater in the galvanic plant, which allow recovering some of the water for reuse.

DAF-FPBC50 for wastewater in the galvanic industry

It is a dissolved air dissolution system that allows to eliminate oils, greases, solids and suspended flocs that do not have enough buoyancy to separate; or where an emulsion of oils and solids (with higher density) requires air flotation to improve the separation process.

The solution provided by SIGMADAF thanks to its flotation equipment, is one of the success stories for the galvanic industry and other industrial discharges in general, thanks to its robustness, space saving and low maintenance, as well as compliance with the quality of discharge objectives required.

The DAF-FPBC system also has application in energy plants, petrochemicals, paper mills, drinking water companies, MBBR clarifiers, mining, meat, slaughterhouses, fish processing, among others.