SIGMADAF will be present in Aquatech Ámsterdam 2021

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From November 2 to 5, 2021, Aquatech Amsterdam 2021 will take place at RAC Amsterdam, the leading trade fair for the process water, drinking water and wastewater sector.

SIGMADAF Clarifiers will be present at Aquatech 2021, at stand number 01.594, exhibiting its latest technology for wastewater treatment. We trust that the celebration of this fair is a great step towards the return to normality in the celebration of this type of international events.

Solutions to face water challenges

Aquatech Amsterdam has an extensive four-day program, among exhibitor pavilions, conferences with leading market experts and social events.

For the 2021 edition, the event will have a hybrid format: in person and digital, with which it aims to attract more than 800 leading companies in the market and around 20,000 experts and professionals, national and international, who seek solutions for the water industries in general.

They will be able to discover the latest trends, solutions and developments to face the challenges of water, distributed in knowledge spaces, seminars, events and thematic pavilions.

It is divided by industrial segments, among which are: water and wastewater treatment, engineering, flood and storm-water control, process control and automation, transportation and storage, and points of use.

Pilot plant for industrial wastewater treatment

The SIGMADAF stand will display a small pilot plant for wastewater treatment, specially designed to show all visitors the new technology and quality of DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) equipment designed and manufactured by SIGMA.

Photo of the compact DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) plant designed and manufactured by SIGMA that will be exhibited at AQUATECH 2021.

Side photo of the compact DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) plant designed and manufactured by SIGMA, which visitors to AQUATECH will be able to see.

Photo of the handle of the compact DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) plant designed and manufactured by SIGMA to be exhibited at Aquatech Amsterdam 2021.

DAF equipment are versatile systems for water clarification that allow solving a large number of applications for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

Depending on the water flowrate and the type of pollutants to be extracted from the wastewater, we have three types of DAF:

  • DAF FPAC: designed to treat industrial wastewater streams with small and medium flow rates, which have a very high load of suspended solids and other pollutants.

This unit also has a compact version: The DAF FPAC Compact, equipment that achieves very high performances of elimination of organic load, solids, greases and other pollutants present in wastewater, a Plug & Play solution, easy to install and operate, with robust, flexible and efficient design.

  • DAF FPBC: high profile separator system, designed to treat industrial wastewater with large flowrates of low to medium load of pollutants to be removed, even those containing low buoyancy particles.
  • DAF FPHF: high-performance system, which allows working with industrial wastewater with very high flow rates and with a large amount of pollutants. This system also uses a combination of cross flow and counter current flow.

Biological treatment of wastewater

In addition to dissolved air flotation technology, SIGMA also has equipment for biological wastewater treatment. It is the MBR System ‘Membrane Bio-Reactor’, advanced, compact and autonomous equipment for the treatment of industrial wastewater, which makes purification a simple and economical process.

Representation of the compact MBR biological reactor designed and manufactured by SIGMA for the treatment of wastewater.

SMBRs have applications in units for hotels, recreational centres, hospitals, mining camps, military and humanitarian missions, remote actions, etc.

Benefits of the SMBR

  • Solution PLUG&PLAY.
  • Maximum reliability and durability.
  • Constant quality of the treated effluent.
    • Compact plant that can integrate both hollow fiber submerged membranes and flat membranes.
  • Resistance to oxidizing agents.
  • Simple to operate.

If you are going to attend Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition 2021, and you want to discover all our technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater, visit us at the stand number 01.594 or write to us to arrange a visit. We will be delighted to meet you!