DAF treatment system for PetroPerú SA

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In February 2019, SIGMADAF Clarifiers signed a collaboration agreement with the engineering company Grupo Soil to supply DAF equipment for the modernization of the wastewater treatment system at PetroPerú SA's refinery in Talara.

PetroPerú is the most important oil company in Peru, the leading fuel supplier in the entire South American country. Its activity includes the transport, refining, distribution and marketing of fuels and other petroleum products.

The Talara refinery is the essential industrial oil exploitation centre in Peru.

Various facilities for hydrocarbon refining are developed in its facilities, among which the production of domestic gas, fuels, industrial oils and asphalts for export stand out

During the treatment and refining of crude oil in Talara, and in any oil refining plant, large amounts of wastewater are generated that require treatment.

These wastewaters contain high doses of solid waste, such as oils, fats, organic acids, phenolic compounds and other metals. The use of dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for the clarification of water with a high load of solid pollutants and very high water flows is essential.


DAF FPHF treatment system

Dissolved air flotation technology in DAF-FPHF equipment can be used for wastewater treatment that:

  • Need to eliminate fats, oils, solids and suspended flocs, which do not float enough to be separated.
  • Or have a higher density in oils and solids that require air flotation to improve the separation process.


These waste are characteristic in the oil industry, where the need to remove oily and fatty substances is combined, with the presence of high densities of contaminating liquids and solids, for example, oils and metals.

We are providing for this project two of these DAF-FPHF equipment, with a water treatment capacity of up to 300 m³ / h each.

Both equipments will be manufactured in stainless steel AISI316 to ensure a higher resistance to oxidation and corrosivity. As a result, they will have better durability. Its dimensions will be 6250x3400x4600, and the weight ranges between 30 and 35 tons each.

As the treatment of industrial wastewater in the oil companies includes high oil densities, and as a complement to the DAF Treatment System in the Talara refinery, from SIGMADAF we will also provide two CPI equipment (Corrugated plate interceptor, for its acronym in English) ) for oil separation.