Wastewater treatment plant to remove pigments

Wastewater treatment in the textile industry, where pigments, dyes and paints are made is complex due to the necessary removal of heavy metals present in the

Facilities, 17/01/2020


SIGMADAF will attend to the WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago

From September 21 to 25 the WEFTEC 2019 will be held in Chicago. WEFTEC is a technical exhibition and annual conference on water quality organized by the Water

Fairs, 09/09/2019


DAF water treatment equipment for Ambiágua (Portugal)

SIGMADAF Clarifiers technicians travelled to Portugal last June 2019 for technical assistance and commissioning of a DAF-FPAC10 water treatment equipment in

Facilities, 11/07/2019


DAF treatment system for PetroPerú SA

In February 2019, SIGMADAF Clarifiers signed a collaboration agreement with the engineering company Grupo Soil to supply DAF equipment for the modernization of

Technology, 11/07/2019

Sigma expocarne


On February 26, we participated in the EXPOCARNE2019 in Monterey (Mexico).

Technology, 11/07/2019

Sigma weftec 2018


Last October 1st we were present at the WEFTEC 2018 in New Orleans (LA)

Technology, 11/07/2019

Sigma IFAT 2018

IFAT 2018

On May 14 we were present at the IFAT2018 in Munich.

Technology, 11/07/2019