Photo of the main façade of the new SIGMA Group facilities located in the Pont-Xetmar industrial estate in Cornellà de Terri, Girona.

SIGMA Group presents its new facilities

Last July we moved to our new facilities located in the Industrial Park of Pont-Xetmar, in Cornellà de Terri, Girona. These facilities strengthen our

Facilities, 08/03/2021

Rendering of DAF FPAC equipment for small and medium industrial wastewater flows with very high pollutant loads.

Dissolved air flotation systems (DAF) for wastewater treatment

Wastewater from industrial activities must be treated before being discharged into the local sanitation network, returned to its natural environment, or

Technology, 16/02/2021

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Top 5 of our best posts about wastewater of 2020

This year 2020 has been one of many changes, adaptation, and uncertainty, but above all learning, reflection, and evolution. As a company, we have grown and

Facilities, 08/01/2021

Image of the DAF-FPAC40 equipment to act in a WWTP as a physical-chemical treatment in water coming from the leather treatment in a footwear industry.

DAF-FPAC40 for physical-chemical treatment in a WWTP in Portugal

[html 0=""] SIGMADAF has supplied a DAF-FPAC40 unit to act as Physical-Chemical treatment in an industrial water treatment plant (WWTP) in Portugal. The WWTP

Facilities, 02/11/2020

DAF-FPAC10 equipment designed and manufactured for the pre-treatment of waste water in a waste recovery plant.

Wastewater treatment in waste recovery

Case Study: Wastewater treatment in a waste recovery plant A waste processing and recovery plant required a wastewater treatment solution to avoid the

Facilities, 19/10/2020

ACAF-100 equipment for the removal of oils and fats and suspended matter as pre-treatment of wastewater from an ice cream manufacturing factory.

Treatment of wastewater from ice cream manufacturing

Case Study: Ice Cream Factory An industrial ice cream manufacturing plant required a solution for the treatment of wastewater as a product of the manufacture

Facilities, 28/09/2020

Alliance of Clearwater Industries inc and sigmadaf

Sigmadaf Clarifiers & Clearwater Industries form joint venture Sigmadaf-Clearwater

Sigmadaf Clarifiers and Clearwater Industries Inc. are excited to announce the creation of Sigmadaf-Clearwater. This collaboration brings together two family

Agreements, 05/08/2020

SIGMADAF DAF FPAC200 equipment as sludge thickeners, installed at the San Fernando WWTP in Trinidad and Tobago.

Advantages of DAFs as biological sludge thickeners in WWTP

SIGMADAF has supplied two DAF-FPAC200 equipment to perform as biological sludge thickeners at the municipal San Fernando Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in

Facilities, 10/07/2020

View of SIGMADAF's BIODAF equipment in the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant of Congelados Navarra

A biological combined treatment for wastewater in the freezing industry

One of the most important challenges of the industries, in general, is to be able to meet the requirements that the administration demands for the wastewater

Facilities, 15/06/2020

DAF-FPAC25 (left) and ACAF-25 (right) in the assembly phase with the centrifuge raised at the bottom.

Supplying a DAF-FPAC25 for a WWTP in a beef slaughterhouse

SIGMADAF CLARIFIERS has supplied DAF-FPAC25 flotation equipment and an ACAF-25 grease separator for a slaughterhouse. 

Facilities, 23/04/2020

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Press Release COVID-19

Dear customers, suppliers, and collaborators: At SIGMA GROUP, we are closely following the evolution of COVID-19, based on information and guidelines

Agreements, 24/03/2020

Panoramic view of the water treatment plant in Saudi Arabia

Manufacture of 2 DAFs for desalination pretreatment at Power Plant in Saudi Arabia

SIGMADAF has manufactured for a major client in Saudi Arabia, 2 DAF-FPHF350 with a maximum treatment capacity of 880 m3 / h. The function of these types of

Facilities, 19/03/2020

Biodigestion plant implemented in a frozen vegetable industry.

Carbon neutral target with anaerobic waste biodigesters

Our SiGMADAF and SiGMAMBR allow industries from the most varied sectors to implement solutions for the treatment of wastewater so it can later be reused.

Facilities, 18/03/2020


Supply of a DAF-FBC50 for the treatment of metalmechanical wastewater in Valencia

SIGMADAF has supplied a DAF-FPBC50 equipment to treat the processed waters of a processing and galvanizing plant in the province of Valencia. The main

Facilities, 12/02/2020

IFAT 2020 Logo

SIGMADAF will participate in the IFAT 2020 fair in Munich

The IFAT 2020 Fair, the world's leading event on environmental technology and industries related to water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management, will

Fairs, 24/01/2020