Privacy Policy

SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L. openly states its intention to offer competitive services to all its customers; for this reason, it has implemented a quality management system within the organization, whose main objective is to achieve the satisfaction expected by customers, through established processes based on a process of continuous improvement.

 The quality management system of SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L. is designed so that the services provided by the organization of design, manufacture and installation of water treatment equipment, are carried out correctly and efficiently, using the appropriate means to achieve maximum results, as well as using the technical improvements available in the market.

 In order to meet the proposed objectives, the quality management system established by SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L., based on the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, is supported by the following basic pillars:

  • To offer stakeholders an adequate service that meets and exceeds their previous expectations.
  • To direct our efforts to continuously improve the quality of the services offered, as well as the efficiency of the processes that make it possible.
  • Establish quality objectives based on the improvement of the system and the effectiveness of the services provided by SIGMA, based on this policy.
  • To provide the necessary resources to obtain the previously defined results.
  • Offer our experience and ideas to develop new techniques.
  • To offer our total availability and competitive economy.
  • To provide KNOW HOW guaranteeing the reliability of our service.
  • Motivate and train all personnel working in the organization, both for the correct performance of their job and to act in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Standard of reference.
  • Communicate and disseminate knowledge within the organization.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the organization.
  • Act in an environmentally friendly manner, promoting the use of renewable resources and technologies.

The objectives set forth herein have been communicated and disseminated among all the organization's personnel, as well as this quality policy.

The management of SUMINISTROS Y GESTIONES MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.L. is committed to the fulfillment of these objectives, as well as to the realization of internal audits in which this policy and, in general, the implemented quality system are reviewed.

In Girona, on December 06, 2018.

Juan Ibáñez López
General Manager