SmartDAF vision leads to the optimization and complete efficiency of our range of products

Our 40 years of experience in wastewater treatment has allowed us to develop a unique SMARTDAF technology that guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

  • Operational and energy efficiency
  • Comprehensive optimisation of resources: energy, water, reagents, sludge, etc.
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Durable

Maximum optimization and profitability



Because of our technology of integration of frequency inverters, positioners, timers, pressure regulators and meters of high precision we achieve the highest levels of interaction and capacity of the sector.


High-end PLC capable of processing information and converting it into effective orders for mechanical and electronic elements to achieve system objectives.

Sigma SmartDAF Basic

SmartDAF Basic

The data collected by the measuring equipment and processed in the PLC gives rise to operational commands, but it is the operator or person in charge of the treatment equipment or plant that selects the SETPOINTS according to their experience or SIGMA recommendations.

Sigma SmartDAF Premium

SmartDAF Premium

The operational base is the same but BIGDATA and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE processes will be incorporated so that the system itself, without human intervention, will make the corrections based on the data collected. This level allows the system to order reagents, schedule sludge and waste collection, maintenance operations, anticipate possible incidents due to wear and tear.


Sensitivities data


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