The compact solution for industrial wastewater treatment

These systems have a robust design at the same time that flexible, efficient and easy to install and operate.


Compact DAF equipment achieves very high performance in removing organic load, solids, fats and other pollutants present in wastewater

More than 40 years of experience indesign and engineering solutions for wastewater treatment have allowed Sigmadaf to launch a compact y highly efficient system for chemical-physical treatment Dissolved Air Flotation Compact DAF. These systems have a robust design at the same time that flexible, efficient and easy to install and operate.


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  • Plug&Play solution
  • Maximal reliability and durability
  • Constant effluent quality
  • High pollutants removal efficiency
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick Start-up
  • Possibility of transport and/or installation into containers or platforms.
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No previous civil work needed

The process is highly efficient from an operational and economic point of view. The user, following a simple operation, only needs to adjust the chemical dosage and pump flow through a modern and complete control system.

The working parameters are adjusted from a PLC system with remote control option.


Compact DAF includes

  • DAF consisting of a rectangular tank, skimmer, settled sludge extraction valve, air supply valves, pneumatic panel and recirculation pump.
  • In-line coagulation-flocculation system Sigma PFL
  • Coagulant dosing pump.
  • Caustic soda dosing pump.
  • Flocculant polyelectrolyte) dosing pump.
  • Flocculant (polyelectrolyte) preparation unit.
  • pH sensor and flow meter.
  • Feed pump, sludge pump and levels.
  • Skid-type platform.
  • State-of-the-art electrical control panel - Fully intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Optional features:

  • Screens for larger solids removal.
  • Electronic unit for polyelectrolyte preparation.

The Compact DAF system can be manufactured and operated to meet discharge standards applicable to different effluents depending on the industry sector. The system is adjustable to specific contaminants.

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