Panoramic photo of an oil & gas industry where all the hydrocarbons and raw material pipelines are d

Wastewater treatment from the Oil & Gas Industry. SIGMA Technology.

The oil and natural gas industry, commonly known as Oil & Gas, is the industry that generates the energy necessary to carry out human and industrial activities as they are operated today.  

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Photo of fabric rolls stacked on a work table inside a warehouse in a textile industry. Industrial w

Textile Industry Wastewater treatment and reuse

The Textile Industry is one of the industries that consumes more water, between 80 and 150 litres per kilogram of processed fabric, which varies according to the nature of the material. The amount of water used in the manufacture of clothes varies according to the type of fibres (cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, etc.) and the machinery used in each of the processes.

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Image of glass vials containing samples of essences and oils in a Fragrances and Essential Oils comp

Treatment and reuse of wastewater from the fragrance and essential oils industry

The sector of the Fragrances and Essential Oils industry can be included within the cosmetic industry, but with characteristics that make it different. The substances used in this industry are mainly solvents, alcohols and what stands out as a characteristic substance: Essential Oils.


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Packaging of cosmetic products on a production line of a company that produces articles for beauty a

Application of CAF, DAF, MBR y Reverse Osmosis processes in the treatment and reutilization of wastewater in the cosmetic industry

The cosmetic industry evolves as a function of technological advances, the demand for products and the increasingly restrictive environmental limitations of the emission of industrial waste. In addition, the cosmetic industry is a type of industry that consumes a large amount of water, which is why treatments are increasingly being proposed for the reuse of wastewater and not only to comply with the limits of discharge to the sewage network.

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Photo of several samples of processed and treated animal skins on a work table, for the industrial p

Treatment of wastewater from the tanning industry. Sigma DAF technologies application.

Today, the production and trade of leather presents a very strong economic activity in the world, constantly dynamic and increasing the movement of exports. The main markets are in Spain, Mexico, Korea and the United States, representing around 75% of total export movements in the world.

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Biological reactor as part of an FBR process, designed and installed by SIGMA in a dairy industry.

Industrial wastewater treatment applying high efficiency biological process FBR

The FBR Flotation Bio Reactor’ is a biological wastewater treatment system that allows the removal of contaminants in a continuous and compact way.

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seawater desalination picture

Desalination: DAF for sea water treatment

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation systems are playing an increasingly important role in seawater desalination as a pre-treatment particularly for reverse osmosis membrane systems.

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