Sigmadaf Clarifiers & Clearwater Industries form joint venture Sigmadaf-Clearwater

August 5, 2020

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Sigmadaf Clarifiers and Clearwater Industries Inc. are pleased to announce the creation of Sigmadaf-Clearwater. This collaboration brings together two family-owned companies with over 65 years of experience at the forefront of water clarification.

Sigmadaf-Clearwater will bring the reliable, cost-effective and modular dissolved air flotation water clarifiers that Sigmadaf has successfully installed around the world to the U.S. market by joining forces with Clearwater Industries (CWI). This collaboration will leverage CWI's extensive experience in manufacturing robust equipment with Sigmadaf's engineering expertise.

Sigmadaf-Clearwater's clarifiers will serve a wide range of industries, including food processing, chemical refining and mining. The complete line of DAF clarifiers is capable of handling a wide range of applications. They include the DAF-FPAC, DAF-FPBC, DAF-FPHF and Smart DAF.

More about Clearwater Industries Inc.

Clearwater Industries Inc. was founded in 1996 with the desire to manufacture robust and reliable water clarification equipment in the United States. 

Today with over 20 years of experience, they have specialized in the design and construction of polymer preparation systems, water clarifiers and fines recovery systems, making them industry leaders in the development of water clarification systems, including portable water clarifiers. 

Some of Clearwater Industries Inc.'s most common applications include sand and gravel, industrial sand, concrete washing, dredging, drilling, tunneling, high purity water and environmental cleanup.