CAF system and DAF equipment to treat wastewater from a cattle slaughterhouse

  • Year: 2019
  • Project location: La Garrotxa
  • Objectives: Treatment of wastewater from meat production.
  • Equipment installed: Flotation equipment model DAF-FPAC25 and a grease separator model ACAF-25.
  • Capacity: 150 m3/day


SIGMADAF CLARIFIERS has supplied a flotation equipment model DAF-FPAC25 and a grease separator model ACAF-25 for a cattle slaughterhouse.

These two pieces of equipment are part of the wastewater treatment facilities from the meat processing plant.

The industrial wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) has been completely designed, assembled and commissioned by the technical team of AGUASIGMA, one of the SIGMA GROUP companies.

The WWTPI has a pre-treatment system consisting of a wastewater collection well followed by a 1 mm screen and the ACAF-25 for the correct separation of oils and grease.

Subsequently, the pre-treated water is passed to an FBR system, i.e. a biological reactor to reduce the pollutant load by aeration and the DAF-FPAC25 which floats the excess sludge.

Finally, there is a sludge storage tank and a centrifuge for the subsequent dewatering of this sludge, minimizing sludge production and saving the client money in terms of outsourced management. 

Main properties of the DAF -FPAC25 System

  • Ideal for small and medium flow rates, with high loads of contaminants to be removed.
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance.
  • Low profile equipment and a lot of surface area to accumulate floating sludge.
  • They also have applications in pig, poultry and cattle slaughterhouses, as well as in biological flotation reactors, sludge thickeners, rendering, and in the food, mining, petrochemical, paper and other industries.

Characteristics of the ACAF-25 equipment:

  • They are ideal for wastewater pretreatment.
  • It is simple to operate without complex mechanical equipment or manual intervention
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • With excellent results in physical-chemical treatments and fiber recovery in paper mills.

This meat processing plant posed a challenge for SIGMA GROUP, because in addition to having to significantly reduce the different pollutant parameters of its wastewater, such as total solids, fats, COD and BOD, the company had limited space available for the location of the WWTPI.  

Finally, it was decided to build the new treatment plant by levels, using the lower part as a biological reactor and locating the ACAF and DAF on the second floor, and the sieve and centrifuge on the upper floor. 

This semi-compact solution has made it possible to operate the plant with a performance that guarantees the quality of the effluent discharge to the sewage network, in addition to not requiring more space than was available to the client from the beginning.

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