New 3D animation of our DAF FPAC Compact "plug & play" equipment

January 15, 2023

(Reading 1 min)

Sigmadaf has published a new 3D animation showing the components and operation of one of our compact DAF systems, which in this case also includes a physical-chemical coagulation-flocculation treatment unit.

The animation allows to observe in detail the operation of our compact equipment, which are designed and built under the "plug&play" concept.

During the animation it is possible to observe the entire path of the wastewater, as well as all the treatments it undergoes, from the moment it enters the coagulation-flocculation unit until the separation and extraction of the clarified water and the waste sludge.

Sigmadaf DAF compact systems are robust and highly efficient flotation systems that are delivered fully assembled and ready for operation. All the operator has to do is adjust the chemical dosing and pump flow rate via a control panel.

The compact dissolved air flotation units can treat up to 15 m3/hour and require very little maintenance.

The video has been published in two languages, Spanish and English, on our Youtube channel.

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